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Portable X-Ray machine LMPXM-A101

Portable X-Ray machine LMPXM-A101

Portable X-Ray machine LMPXM-A101 is a compact and long-lasting X-ray machine that has an accurate stimulation control with a double digital loop shielded structure. Our X-Ray machine facilitates exposure periods ranging from 0.01 to 4 seconds, which provides 48 anatomical memory patterns for precise imaging and diagnosis. Utilizing a high-performance capacitor ensures a dependable power supply.

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Anode Heat Capacity 40 KJ
Frequency ≥ 40 k Hz
Exposure Time Range 0.01 s to 4 s
Maximum Output Power P = 100 kV × 50 m A = 5 kW
Nominal Power 50 kV, 100 m A,0.1s, 5 kW
Focal Length 0.6/1.8 mm
kV Adjusting Range 40 kV to 110 kV, Step adjustment is 1 kV
mA Adjusting Range 20 mA to 100 mA
mAs Adjusting Range 0.2 mAs to 200 mAs, Shifted adjustment
Inner Resistance ≤ 0.5 Ω
Power Capacity ≥ 5 kVA
Power Supply AC 220V ± 22 V 50/60 Hz ± 1 Hz
Dimension 290 × 260 × 230 mm
Weight 18.8 kg

point.png Improved with easy cleaning and patient safety

point.png Designed with a digital LED display that provides functional information

point.png Portable high-frequency X-ray system with 5 kW capacity

point.png It functions effectively due to its simplicity and ease of usage

point.png It is integrated with characteristics like self-protection and self-diagnosis

point.png Control of tube voltage and tube current with extreme precision

Remote control 1 quality

Aluminum box 1 quality
Stand machine frame 1 quality

It plays a significant role in radiology, dentistry, and other medical specialties for high-quality imaging, analysis, and fracture diagnosis. It is also important in aerospace and manufacturing.

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Portable X-Ray machine LMPXM-A101