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Rotating Shaker LMRS-210

Rotating Shaker LMRS-210

Rotating Shaker LMRS-210 has reliable DC brushless motor produces regulated rotation throughout the speed range 10 to 80r/min speed with speed and time adjustment keys. It can accommodate 50 ml conical tubes with moveable angle of rotation. The connectivity to view parameters like time and speed is enabled via LCD display. It is equipped It has 2 modes of time settings –time mode and continuous mode.

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Speed range 10 to 80 r/min
Shaking Orbit Rotational
Display LCD display speed and time
Angle adjustable
Time Range 1 s to 24 h/ continuous operation
Voltage AC100 to 240 Hz
Motor type DC brushless motor
Dimension(W×D×H) 500×185×260 mm
Weight 3.5 kg

point.png It has adjustable angle knob and vertical rotation speed range 10 to 80r/min

point.png Easy to read LED screen shows time and speed

point.png Continuous or timer operation of 1 min to 24 h with time and speed changing keys

point.png Well-built structure with less maintenance DC brushless motor for smooth and effective shaking

point.png Platform can accommodate 50ml conical tubes so that user can yield more amount of sample in less time

point.png The user can conveniently start and stop the device using power button

point.png It is provided with wide range of attachments to process different amounts of samples using tube insert rack

Used for separation and mixing of powdered and liquid samples. Used in the clinical sample separation like blood samples and biological samples. Used to avoid blood coagulation. Used to mix tissue culture preparations and dry powders which are hard to mix. Used in the methods like immunoprecipitation and latex diagnosis.

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Rotating Shaker LMRS-210