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Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer LMVS-A103

Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer LMVS-A103

Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer LMVS-A103 is a reliable and user-friendly sterilizer enhanced with digital display-based controls system that displayed all working parameter on screen. Intended with stainless steel chamber that hold a capacity of 100 L that work within temperature up to 134 °C. Equipped with an alert buzz feature that levels are insufficient also reminds users when the sterilization process is completed.

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Capacity 100 L
Sterilization Volume φ440×H650 mm
Working Pressure 0.22 MPa
Max. Working Pressure 0.23 MPa
Working Temperature 134 ˚C
Adjustable Temperature 105 to134 ˚C
Time Period 0 to 99 min
Power 2.5 to 4.5
Heat Average ≤± 1 ˚C
Dimensions (mm) 540×560×1250mm
Gross Weight 110 kg
Net Weight 85 kg
Packaging Dimensions (mm) 680×630×1370mm

point.png Designed with LCD display, and touch key buttons mode system

point.png Easy to operate safe and reliable

point.png Improved with self-aerated type seal

point.png Enhanced with automatic safety valves protection over high temperature and high pressure

point.png Supplied with hand wheel type of quick open door

point.png Equipped with a safety interlock door system

point.png Possible to install drying system based on user request

point.png It has the capability of ensuring inner air from dressing

point.png Include anti-dry heating and heater protection for safe and reliable function

Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer is widely used in medical and laboratories used for the process of disinfection and sterilization in order to kill the microorganisms and bacteria.

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Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer LMVS-A103