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Transparent Water Bath LMWT-A104

Transparent Water Bath LMWT-A104

Transparent Water Bath LMWT-A104 is a high-precision thermostat-controlled water bath with a generous 9L capacity that works within a temperature ranging from 10°C to 100°C for safe operations. Fitted with transparent acrylic sheet construction to provide a clear view of all objects. Designed with a high-resolution LED display touch screen for perfect monitoring of all parameters on the screen.

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Capacity 9L
Temperature Range 10 °C to 100°C
Fluctuations ±1°C
Voltage AC 110 / 220 V; 50 / 60 Hz
Power 1000W
Dimension 325 × 265× 97 mm
Net weight 5.4kg

point.png Digital temperature control and touchscreen display

point.png Enhanced with temperature-resistance plastic ensures high reliability and longevity

point.png Include a precision temperature control system to provide accurate result

point.png Effectively prevents steam leakage

point.png Visible inspection of the sample without disrupting the temperature

point.png Safer through the enclosure to prevent to prevent and splash

point.png Digital control allows precision temperature setting and monitoring

It is a laboratory equipment used for various purposes that require precision temperature control of samples submerged in water. For warming reagents, blood, and tissue samples in clinical laboratory

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Transparent Water Bath LMWT-A104