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Crude Oil Centrifuge LMCO-A101

Crude Oil Centrifuge LMCO-A101

Crude Oil Centrifuge LMCO-A101 is improved with 8 centrifugation tubes that can hold a 100 mL loading capacity, making it easier to separate solids, water, and crude oil efficiently. Intended with an LCD screen provides visual inspection to users, potentially showing operating parameters or system status. Our centrifuge spins at a maximum speed of up to 5000 rpm to ensure convenient operation.

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Maximum Speed 5000 rpm
Max. RCF 4250 × g
Capacity 8 × 100 ml
Timer 1 min ~ 99 min
Revolutions / min ± 10 r/min
Noise ≤ 60 dB
Chamber Diameter Φ 500 mm
Power 1500 W
Voltage AC 220 ± 22 V; 50/60 Hz; 10 A
Outer Dimension 825 × 625 × 910 mm
Net Weight 108 Kg
Gross Weight 128 Kg

point.png Microcomputer control allows for clear observation of parameters during the operation

point.png Ring-shaped heater

point.png Equipped with temperature control functions

point.png AC frequency conversion motor ensures stability and uniformity

point.png Emit low noise level

point.png Fault diagnosis system for overspeed, overheating, imbalance, and lid lock

point.png LCD and LED display (Optional)

Crude oil centrifuges are widely used in the oil and gas industry, particularly in refining and processing facilities, to enhance the quality of crude oil.

Model No Type Max. Speed Max. RCF Capacity Image
LMCO-A101-SR1 Swing Rotor 4000 rpm 4250 x g 4 x 100 ml LMCO-A101-SR1
LMCO-A101-SR2 Swing Rotor 4000 rpm 4250 x g 8 x 100 ml LMCO-A101-SR2
LMCO-A101-SR3 Swing Rotor 5000 rpm 3850 x g 24 x 10 ml LMCO-A101-SR3

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Crude Oil Centrifuge LMCO-A101