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Tabletop Autoclave Class S LMLT-A102

Tabletop Autoclave Class S LMLT-A102

Tabletop Autoclave Class S LMLT-A102 is outfitted with a steam generator that generates steam rapidly enough to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores, providing an effective and convenient means of sanitizing equipment. Our autoclave accommodates a loading capacity of 80 L that stimulates sterilizing working temperature ranges between 105 °C to 138 °C. Improved with an auxiliary program that combines cost-effective maintenance with preheat and washing features.

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Capacity 80 L
Temperature Range 144 °C
Sterilizing Temperature 105 - 138 °C
Power 2.6 kW
Voltage AC 220 V ± 10 % ; 50 / 60 Hz
Chamber Size Φ358 × 717 mm
Dimension 1002 × 730 × 560 mm
Weight 205 Kg

point.png Intended with multiple security control systems that prevent protection against overloading and overheating

point.png Upgraded with water level sensor that indicates warning if water level fluctuates

point.png Enhanced with an Auxiliary program that includes a preheat and washing function

point.png Built-in instant steam generator for convenient operation

point.png Cost-effective maintenance with safety and sanitation

point.png Tool-free cleaning with high reliability and long-term usability

It is extensively used to sterilize surgical equipment, laboratory instruments, pharmaceutical items, and other materials.

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Tabletop Autoclave Class S LMLT-A102