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Rotating Shaker LMRS-110

Rotating Shaker LMRS-110

Rotating Shaker LMRS-110 is an elegant device with rotation speed of 10 r/min to 80 r/min. It is provided with LCD digital display to view time and speed. It has wide range of accessories to increase the tube capacity and satisfy the customer’s needs. It is equipped with time and speed changing buttons which are easy to use. It has adjustable 0 to 90° angle changing knob enables gentle and effectual shaking of samples.

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Speed range 10 r/min to 80 r/min
Timer 1 s to 24 h/continous operation
Shaking motion Rotating
Angle Adjustable from 0 to 90°
Display LCD display speed and time
Motor type Brushless motor
Dimension(W×D×H) 240x185x260
Voltage AC100-240 V
Weight 3.0 kg

point.png It can rotate the samples at 10 to 80 r/min speed continuously or timer mode

point.png It has LCD digital display to view the time and speed set for the operation

point.png Wide range of accessories are provided to increase the capacity as required to the user

point.png Effortless changing of time and speed using buttons

point.png Gentle and effectual rotational shaking of samples at adjustable 0 to 90° angle

point.png Provided with clips and tube attachments to safely spin the samples

Used for shaking biological samples and blood samples. Used for separating and mixing of powdered and liquid samples. Used for dissolving cell pellets and mixing laboratory reagents Used in the methods like Cell culture and microbial culture. Used in the fields like Molecular biology, PCR, genomics and proteomics. Used in gel and blot processing. Used for sample preparations in wet-chemical analysis of radio-immunity, glucose, protein, DNA, urine, enzyme, etc. Wide application in biochemistry, microbiology, immune, chemistry, flora and fauna analysis, clinical experiments

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Rotating Shaker LMRS-110