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Portable Electric Steam Sterilizer LMSE-A101

Portable Electric Steam Sterilizer LMSE-A101

Portable Electric Steam Sterilizer LMSE-A101 is fully innovative sterilizer that quickly and effectively sterilizes glassware via using steam and electric power. Featuring a loading capacity of 24 L that work within sterilization temperature up to 126 °C. Our sterilizer is integrated with a well-locked lid mechanism prevent leakage protection, that ensure secure and reliable steaming processes. Fitted with a pressure gauge that clearly indicates the pressure levels during operation enabling them to efficiently monitor the sterilizing process.

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Capacity 24 L
Sterilizing Volume φ280×390 mm
Working pressure 0.14 to 0.16 MPa
Maximum Safety Pressure 0.165 MPa
Working Temperature 126 ˚C
Heat Average ≤±1 ˚C
Power AC220V.50Hz/2KW
Dimensions 410×410×630 mm
Gross Weight 19kg
Net Weight 17 kg

point.png Built-in with fully stainless-steel structure

point.png Easily operating safe and reliable

point.png Improved with indication mode with double scale pressure magnitude

point.png Pressure gauge could clearly indicate, convenient observation, works reliably

point.png Supplied with electrically or LPG method heating device

point.png Enhanced with well locked with a lid for a convenient streaming process

Portable Steam Sterilizer is widely used to sterilize growth media, containers, and other equipment in plant tissue culture labs.

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Portable Electric Steam Sterilizer LMSE-A101