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Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer LMPSS-A100

Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer LMPSS-A100

Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer LMPSS-A100 is designed with a hand-free wheel type door mechanism facilitates quick and convenient opening and closing of the sterilizer. Upgraded with loading capacity of 18 L provides a sufficient volume for sterilizing a variety of instruments and glassware. Our Sterilizer runs at a high working pressure of 0.165 MPa to effectively sterilize, guaranteeing the eradication of bacteria, viruses, and microorganism.

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Capacity 18 L
Pressure 0.165 MPa
Maximum Pressure 0.14 to 0.16 MPa
Temperature 126 ˚C
Adjustable Temperature 105 to 126 ˚C
Time Range 0 to 99 min
Power 2 kw
Display Digital

point.png Built-in with fully stainless-steel structure

point.png Digital display to observe the working status

point.png Supplied with touch key buttons, the user can control the operation easily

point.png Improved with remainder alert system, reminding after sterilization

point.png Automatically shut down after the remainder beeps

point.png Easily operating safe and reliable

point.png Integrated with display panel, which reports the temperature, pressure, time, low water level, and system errors

Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer is used for the sterilization of surgical and dental instruments and also used in sterilization process of culture medium and biological dressing.

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Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer LMPSS-A100