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Portable Air Sampler LMPAS-A100

Portable Air Sampler LMPAS-A100

Portable Air Sampler LMPAS-A100 offers isokinetic sampling with a flow rate of 100 L/min. Incorporates an LCD for parameter visualization. It is user-friendly and portable with a large storage capacity. Our sampler is designed to collect and analyze air samples in diverse environments.

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Type Of Sampling Isokinetic
Flow Rate 100 L/min
Sampling Quantity 0.01 to 6.0 m3
Velocity of Sampling Holes 0.4 m/s
Material Aviation aluminum
Rechargeable Battery DC 7.4 V/ 6800 mAh
Operating Time of Battery 6 to 8 hr
Controller PC board control
Power Supply AC 110 V/220 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
External Size 120 × 195 × 300 mm
Package Size 190 × 380 × 420 mm
Net Weight 2.5 Kg
Gross Weight 6 Kg

point.png Stable and reliable

point.png Features a multi-hole port for particle collection

point.png Crafted with aviation-grade aluminum

point.png Equipped with PC board control

point.png Operates with minimal noise

Used in environmental monitoring, industrial hygiene, aerospace, food processing, healthcare sector, and IAQ assessments.

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Portable Air Sampler LMPAS-A100