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Portable Air Sampler LMPAS-B100

Portable Air Sampler LMPAS-B100

Portable Air Sampler LMPAS-B100 offers a capacity of 100L/min with an adjustable sampling cycle range from 1 to 6000 L. Designed with a mesh collection port (397), featuring small 0.77 diameter pores, which maintains a flow rate at 0.38 m/s. Our sampler is compatible with petri dishes of 90 × 15 mm. Equipped with an intuitive button-screen interface, ensuring user-friendly operation.

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Sample Capacity 100 L/min ± 5 %
Sampling cycle adjustment range 1 to 6000 L (Adjustable)
Velocity of Sampling Holes 0.38 m/s
Operational Control Mode Button screen
Temperature 30 ℃ ± 5%
Humidity 75% RH ± 10%
Impact rate 10.8 m/s (Anderson Impact level 5 principle)
Battery Lifespan Over 8 hours
Power supply AC 220V, DC14.8V
Dimension (W × D × H) 130 × 130 × 160 mm
Package dimension (W × D × H) 230 × 420× 380 mm
Gross weight 7 Kg

point.png Sample head crafted with anodized aluminum oxide

point.png Integrated with collection chips

point.png Easy to clean and maintain

point.png Supports large data storage

Portable Air Sampler finds applications across diverse sectors including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food and beverage, environmental monitoring, and research laboratories.

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Portable Air Sampler LMPAS-B100