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Polystyrene Weighing Boat LMBT-A201

Polystyrene Weighing Boat LMBT-A201

Polystyrene Weighing Boat LMBT-A201 is convenient and disposable weighing boat that allow easy loading, weighing, and transferring of samples. It feature a loading capacity of 30 mL that ensure convenient operation at reliable condition. Easily observed sample through transparent polystyrene plastic. Utilizing an anti-static configuration helps reduce powder loss during weighing.

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Type Diamond Shaped
Volume 30 mL
Color White
Dimension 85 × 65 mm

point.png Designed with polystyrene material is highly chemical resistant and disposable that reduces the risk of cross-contaminations

point.png Simple handling of both Solids and liquids sample at reliable conditions

point.png Intended with rounded edges to make it easier and faster to remove samples

point.png Available in white and black color

Polystyrene Weighing Boat is widely used in laboratories and research institute to accurately measure and transfer small quantities of solid samples.

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Polystyrene Weighing Boat LMBT-A201