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PCR 96 Well Plate LMPW-A101

PCR 96 Well Plate LMPW-A101

PCR 96 Well Plate LMPW-A101 is designed with high-quality polypropylene material to ensure optimal thermal conductivity for consistent and reliable PCR results. It holds a capacity of 0.1 mL to ensure effortless sample handling. Intended with a thin layer plate offers optimal heat transfer, guaranteeing consistent and quick temperature changes during the PCR process. Transparent visibility of samples, making monitoring simple and minimizing the risk of errors.

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Capacity 0.1 mL
Type Non-Skirted
Colour White

point.png Made of high-grade Polypropylene material

point.png Non-skirted design compatible with a range of PCR and qPCR machines

point.png A transparent look enables sample visibility

point.png Plates are pre-sterilized and autoclavable

point.png Thin walls ensure uniform and rapid heat transfer

point.png RNase, DNase, and pyrogenic free

It is widely used in laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and research institutes for the detection of pathogens, viruses, or bacteria in clinical samples.

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PCR 96 Well Plate LMPW-A101