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Microplate Shaker Incubator LMMI-A100

Microplate Shaker Incubator LMMI-A100

Labmate Microplate Shaker Incubator LMMI-A100 is a perceptively designed shaker incubator having the function of mixing, heating and shaking in combination. It has a smart operation design that can perform vortexing and heating of the tubes along with mixing. These features make it a perfect choice for multiple function.

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Temp. Control Range RT+5°C-100°C
Block temperature uniformity ≤±0.3°C
Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.3 °C
Display Accuracy 0.1°C
Heating platform temperature accuracy <0.5°C(@ 37°C)
Shaking Speed 300-1600 rpm(block) 300-2000 rpm (Turbo Mix with Tube Holder)
Shaking Orbit 3mm(horizontal)
Timing Range 99h59min
Heating Time <20min (25°C-100°C)
Maximum power 100-230V 50/60Hz. 200W
Dimensions ( LxWxH) 270x190x170 mm
Weight 6.8 Kg

point.png Microprocessor control of temperature and speed, with small fluctuation

point.png Adjustable mixing speed

point.png Radius and dimensional technology for multiple use

point.png Blocks for suitable change

point.png In built temperature calibration

point.png Maintenance free

point.png DC brushless motor

point.png Memory storage during power failure

point.png Compact, safe and sturdy structure

Type Capacity Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature
LMMI-A100-OB1 96×0.2ml PCR plate 100°C -10°C
LMMI-A100-OB2 54×0.5ml 100°C -10°C
LMMI-A100-OB3 35×1.5ml 100°C -10°C
LMMI-A100-OB4 35×2.0ml 100°C -10°C
LMMI-A100-OB5 20×0.5ml+15×1.5ml 100°C -10°C
LMMI-A100-OB6 15×0.5ml+20×1.5ml 100°C -10°C
LMMI-A100-OB7 32×0.2ml+25×1.5ml 100°C 100°C
LMMI-A100-OB8 32×0.2ml+10×0.5ml+15×1.5ml 100°C 100°C
LMMI-A100-OB9 103×67×30mm (water bath block) 100°C 100°C
LMMI-A100-OB10 96×0.2ml plate (without holes) 100°C 0°C
LMMI-A100-OB11 96×0.2ml tube stand/holder / /
LMMI-A100-OB12 24×0.5ml tube stand/holder / /
LMMI-A100-OB13 24×1.5/2.0ml tube stand/holder / /

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Microplate Shaker Incubator LMMI-A100