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Density Meter LMDM-A101

Density Meter LMDM-A101

Density Meter LMDM-A101 enables direct data reading with exceptional measuring accuracy within 5 seconds. It operates based on the fundamental principle of Archimedes, ensuring precise measurements. It measures the density of a wide range of liquids, including volatile liquids, corrosive liquids, viscous liquids, strong acids, and strong alkaline solutions, providing flexibility and reliability in various applications. Its operation is straightforward and user-friendly, eliminating any unnecessary complexity.

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Density Range 0.001 to 99.999 g/cm3
Density Resolution 0.001 g/cm3
Measurement Time About 5 Seconds
Maximum Weight Load 300 g
Minimum Weight Load 0.005 g
Power AC 220 V / 50 Hz

point.png Features a specialized windproof and dustproof cover that enhances its durability and convenience, making it a robust and reliable choice for density measurements

point.png The density value can be effortlessly obtained in a single step, simplifying the process

point.png Allows for repeated, continuous, and rapid measurements, ensuring efficiency and speed in data acquisition

point.png Outfitted with a digital display that provides a clear and precise presentation of measurement results, with high accuracy

point.png Direct reading of data eliminates the need for complex calculations or conversions

point.png It can measure the density of samples within a broad temperature range, from normal temperature to 100 °C

point.png Effortless cleanliness with an easy-to-clean measurement cup, simplifying the instrument's maintenance


Anti-corrosive liquid measurement assembly

Applied within quality management, expense monitoring, formula investigation, chemical solutions, contemporary energy, petroleum products, advanced chemical engineering, chemical reagents, and laboratory research in the field of chemistry.

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Density Meter LMDM-A101