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Digital High Precision Liquid Densitometer LMDM-A200


Digital High Precision Liquid Densitometer LMDM-A200 is designed to measure density with high precision in less time. It is highly stable and durable. Densitometer is suitable to test liquid, corrosive liquid, and viscous liquid. Upper and lower density function allows measurement of specific gravity of the sample.

Specifications :
Measurement range 0.001 to 99.999g/cm3
Density accuracy 0.001g/cm3
Maximum weight load 120 g
Weight accuracy 0.01 g
Test samples Liquid, corrosive liquid, viscous liquid
Display mode Density, concentration, concentration, modulus
Calibration mode 100g single bond automatic correction, positive distilled water test results
Interface RS232C
Features :
  • -  Convenient for continuous and rapid testing
  • -  Buzzer device provides an audible alert for specific density
  • -  Measuring cup facilitates convenient and accurate sample collection
  • -  User- friendly operation
  • -  Sets upper and lower limits of density
  • -  Sets specific gravity of specific gravity hammer
  • -  Digital display to visualize the measured parameters
  • -  Windproof cover to avoid interference of air and moisture
  • -  RS-232c communication interface for easy communication
Standard Accessories :

Density host

Density test lifting bracket
Stainless steel gamma gravity hammer
Density support plate
Glass beaker
Calibration weight

Optional Accessories :

Micro printer

Applications :

Digital High Precision Liquid Densitometer is widely used to measure density of highly viscous samples across industries like cosmetics, paint, coatings, mining, chemicals, electroplating industry, etc.