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Density Meter LMDM-A100

Density Meter LMDM-A100

Density meter LMDM-A100 is an accurate, intuitive instrument that offers fast, fluid densities measurements with automatic temperature control. Improved with a real-time video view of resolution ±0.00001 g/cm3 of the measuring cell and automatic bubble-detection feature. It uses the U-tube oscillation method, pulsed excitation method and high-precision detection technology for better precision, repeatability, and reproducibility.

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Test mode Density, alcohol concentration and custom formula
Measuring range 0 g/cm³ to 3 g/cm³
Resolution ±0.00001 g/cm³
Repeatability ±0.00008 g/cm³
Accuracy ±0.00005 g/cm3
Injection method Automatic (compatible with manual)
Temperature control range 5°C to 65°C
Temperature control ±0.02°C
Display method 10.4 inch FTF color touch screen
Data storage 64G
Output method USB, RS232, RJ45, SD card, U disk
Power supply 110V -230V 50Hz / 60Hz
Dimension 480×320×200 mm
Weight 8 Kg

point.png Simplified with a bright touch-screen display

point.png Maximize throughput with an ultra-fast measurement mode

point.png Integrated Peltier temperature control, maintains the sample reliably at the desired temperature

point.png Automatic integration enables the function of one-key measurement

point.png Equipped with an inspection camera for detailed visual checks during filling or cleaning to obtain 100% correct result

point.png Contains a printer, for easy WIFI printing

point.png High data storage potential of 64G for easy comparisons of collected data

point.png Featuring audit trial, electronic signature and custom method library

point.png Allows full traceability to all major pharmacopeia

point.png Operates via an incredibly easy-to-use, user interface

Density meters are used in the pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, food and beverage industries for quality control and in research and development.

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Density Meter LMDM-A100