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Vacuum Oven LMVO-A404 is a reliable, convenient, and energy-efficient equipment. This oven series has an operational temperature range of Ambient +20°C to 200°C, as well as a built-in safety controller and over-temperature protection. It has a digital vacuum gauge that shows chamber vacuum level, making it perfect for higher temperature drying under vacuum. The unit has a capacity of 125 liters and operates at a vacuum range of 0 to 760mm Hg.

Specifications :
Capacity 125 L
Shelves 2 EA
Temperature Range Amb +20°C to 200°C
Temperature Accuracy ±3°C to 100°C
Temperature Controller Digital PID Controller
Temperature Regulator SSR Controller
Thermocouple PT-100Ω
Vacuum Range 0 to 760 mm Hg
Timer 99 Hr 59 Mints
Internal Material Stainless steel
External Material Steel plate with powder coating
Insulation Ceramic Wool, Glass Wool
Shelves Material Stainless steel
Window High temp. safety glass 12mm
Safety Device Over current circuit breaker
Heater Capacity 1.2 Kw
Internal Dimension (W×D×H) 450×450×450 mm
External Dimension (W×D×H) 620×610×925 mm
Features :
  • -  Temperature range up to +200°C
  • -  Vacuum range : 0 to 760mm Hg
  • -  Fast and gentle drying
  • -  Fully programmable Microprocessor temperature controller
  • -  Stainless steel exteriors
  • -  Intuitive and easy to use operating menu
  • -  Easy to open door handles
  • -  Excellent temperature accuracy
  • -  Simple to use and maintain
  • -  Simultaneous display of set constant and measured temperature
  • -  Increased safety and self-diagnostic functions
  • -  Over-temperature limit function
  • -  Less and low noise operation with gentle air currents
  • -  Chamber and door is insulated by solid heat insulator
  • -  Quick Auto start and auto stop functions
  • -  Fast recovery time when opening the door
  • -  User friendly all-in one type control panel
  • -  Acoustic and visual alarm
Applications :

These vacuum ovens are used in the fields of chemical resistance studies, aging tests, moisture determination, rubber and textile industries, desiccating, dry sterilization and electronic process control etc.