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Auto Chemistry Analyzer LMACA-A201

Auto Chemistry Analyzer LMACA-A201

Auto Chemistry Analyzer LMACA-A201 is a sophisticated and highly specialized automated clinical chemistry analyzer that performs biochemical and chemical tests of samples such as blood, serum, urine, and plasma. This compact bench-top analyzer is capable of processing up to 200 tests per hour with just 2 to 70µl of sample volume with larger reagents and sample positioning. Its intuitive interface ensures long-term reliability and analytical excellence.

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Throughput 200 tests/hour
Sample Volume 2 to 70 µl
Reagent Volume 20 to 350 µl
Sample Positions 49 sample positions
Reagent Positions 56 reagent positions
Wavelength 340,405,450,510,546,578,630,700nm
Absorbance 0 to 3.0 Abs
Humidity 30 to 80%
Cuvettes 120 reusable cuvettes, optical length 6mm
Mixed Probe Independent stirring
Stat Function Yes
Light Source 12V/30W halogen lamp
Spectrophotometry Post-spectral spectrophotometry
Calibration Linear: K factor, 1-point, 2-point, and multipoint
Non-Linear: Spline, Polygon, Index, Logarithm, Logit-4P, Logit-5
Quality Control Real-time QC
Westward multi-rule
Cumulative sum check
Twin Plot(2D)
Software Windows 7/8/10 LIS system available
LIS System Bi-direction, support HL7 protocol
Interface LAN port access
Temperature 10 to 30°C
Temperature Control 37±0.1°C, real-time monitor
Water Consumption Deionized water: 5 L/H
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 60/50Hz, 110V±10%, 60Hz, 300W
External Dimension (W×D×H) 950 × 612 × 510 mm
Package Dimension (W×D×H) 1118 × 728 × 1151 mm
Net Weight 75 kg
Gross Weight 130 kg

point.png User-friendly interface with a graphical design and touchscreen monitor

point.png Intelligent software for enhanced system capabilities

point.png Robust on-board testing capabilities for versatile applications

point.png Inventory management to reduce wastage and shortages

point.png Efficient reagent and consumable use to minimize waste

point.png Uninterrupted workflow for seamless and efficient operation

point.png Crash and collision detection for safety

point.png Equipped with a refrigerated tray with an independent switch for precise temperature control

point.png Offers standardized test menus, assay methods, instrument procedures, and reference ranges

point.png Enhanced with an automatic interior and exterior probe and cuvette washing system

point.png Incorporated by an external printer with the availability of multiple reporting modes

It plays a pivotal role in the field of clinical laboratories and healthcare, histopathology laboratories for testing medicine, disease diagnosis, monitoring patient health, and assessing the effectiveness of treatment.

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Auto Chemistry Analyzer LMACA-A201