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Disintegration Tester LMDT-A101

Disintegration Tester LMDT-A101

Disintegration Tester LMDT-A101 is a double-basket working position system measuring the disintegration time limit. The instrument automatically controls the bath temperature at 37 ℃ and sets the lifting time of baskets in every 15 minutes. Over-temperature alarm protects and monitors the working. High-precision digital electronic sensor is adopted to ensure accurate functioning without the need for calibration.

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Temperature Prefabrication Range RT to 50 ℃, display resolution: 0.1 ℃
Temperature Control Accuracy ± 0.3 ℃
Timing Prefabrication Range 1 min to 900 mins
Time Control Accuracy ± 0.5 min
Work Noise < 60 dB
Number Of Lifting Baskets 2 sets
Lifting Frequency of Basket (30 to 31) times/ mins
Lifting Distance of Basket (55 ±1) mm
Minimum Spacing from Screen to Beaker Bottom 25 mm ±2 mm
Mesh Size standard configuration 2mm, (optional for 0.425mm and 1mm bore diameters)
Power Supply 220 V 50Hz
Dimensions (L × D × H) 295 × 215 × 500 mm

point.png Double-basket working position system measures disintegration time limit

point.png The 2 sets of baskets, which can conduct independent disintegration experiment respectively

point.png It adopts the computer control technology which is centred on SCM to control two performance parameters including bath temperature and working time intelligently

point.png Monitors bath temperature, give over-temperature alarm and protect itself automatically

point.png Electronic temperature sensor can display and monitor various points in water bath case and the temperature in the beaker

Disintegration Tester performs one of the several important tests used for quality control in pharmaceutical industries and laboratories.

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Disintegration Tester LMDT-A101