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Forced Convection Oven LMFO-A203

Forced Convection Oven LMFO-A203

Forced Convection Oven LMFO-A203 gives a greater stability in the temperature and speed of recovery. It may be configured in AC 220V, 50/60Hz and can reach temperatures up to 250°C with quick ramp-up and recovery time. This 150-liter oven has an implosion protection window with three-fold safety glass front. The ventilation of the chamber and the exhaust ventilation are simply controlled by fans that can be supported through forced air circulation.

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Capacity 150 L
Temperature Range Ambient ±10°C to 200°C (Max 250°C)
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5°C
Timer 99 Hr 59 Mints
Shelves 3 EA
Temperature Controller Digital PID Controller, 5 pattern 18 steps
Temperature Regulator SSR Regulator
Thermocouple K (CA type)
Insulation Glass Wool
Window High Temp. safety glass/3 glass
Safety Device Circuit Breaker, Sensor Alarm
Fan Motor 1-16 HP
Heater Capacity 1.4 Kw
Power AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 1ɸ
Internal Material Stainless Steel
External Material Steel Plate with powder coating
Internal Dimension (W×D×H) 500×500×600 mm
External Dimension (W×D×H) 670×660×1070 mm

point.png Intuitive and easy to use operating menu

point.png High efficient fan motor ensures uniform air circulation

point.png Excellent temperature accuracy

point.png Simple to use and maintain

point.png Simultaneous display of set constant and measured temperature

point.png Increased safety and self-diagnostic functions

point.png Over-temperature limit function

point.png Specialized ventilation opening function to control air circulation and exhaust gas

point.png Adjustable shelves to enhance end-users’ convenience

point.png Less and low noise operation with gentle air currents

point.png Chamber and door is insulated by solid heat insulator

point.png Quick Auto start and auto stop functions

point.png Fast recovery time when opening the door

point.png Comes with 2/3 shelves with height adjustment option

These drying ovens are suitable for drying of every kind of laboratory glassware, drying of heat-sensitive materials, and sterilizing, aging, curing, softening, annealing and residue-free drying of intricately designed parts. Also used for temperature control functions in Life Science, Research and Material tests in industries and laboratories.

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Forced Convection Oven LMFO-A203