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Automatic Tinto Meter LMATM-A10

Automatic Tinto Meter LMATM-A10

Automatic Tinto Meter LMATM-A10 is an advanced and precise instrument designed for the rapid analysis of the color and concentration of substances in liquid samples. It is a faster and much more convenient device working within a wavelength range between 400 to 700 nm. Equipped with automated features that streamline the analysis process displayed on the large LCD screen.

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Wavelength Range 400 to 700nm
Temperature 0.01°C
Sample Holder 2x Sets of Sample Holders
Refractive Index Ratre 1.29980 to 1.71500
Brix Range 0.0001
Brix 0.0001
Measurement Accuracy 4.0E-7
Measurement Accuracy Brix 0.0005

point.png It is highly efficient in analysing the intensity of light at different wavelengths using a spectrophotometer

point.png Equipped with a stable and standardized light source to ensure consistent measurements

point.png Includes a sample holder where the liquid sample is placed for analysis

point.png Measures and quantifies the color of the liquids based on the wavelength absorbed or transmitted by the sample

point.png Provides information about the tint of the liquid, which is related to the specific hue or color shade

point.png Offers high precision and accuracy in color and tint measurements, ensuring reliable results

point.png Incorporates data storage capabilities, enabling users to archive and retrieve analysis results efficiently

It can be used to assess water quality in terms of chemical constituents, pollutants, or dissolved substances. They are utilized to measure the concentration of various substances like ammonia, nitrate, chlorine, and more in water samples.

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Automatic Tinto Meter LMATM-A10