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Handheld UV Analyzer LMHUA-A100

Handheld UV Analyzer LMHUA-A100

Handheld UV Analyzer LMHUA-A100 is a compact and handheld analyzer designed for measuring ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels in various environments, fitted with long-lasting bulbs that emit light at either 365 or 254 nm wavelengths. Incorporated with battery with 6 w power consumption for ensuring longevity and affordability.

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Wavelength 254 nm,365 nm combines
UV Window 15 × 50 mm
Power Consumption 6 W
Power Supply DC 12.6 V Lithium battery charger
Dimension (mm) 440 × 75 × 51 mm
Net Weight 0.7 kg

point.png Designed to be compact to enhance its portability and usability

point.png It is managed to be simple to use and requires little skill or training to function well

point.png The wavelength can be switched with just one key

point.png Simple to operate

point.png Adopted with an H-type stand giving stability and enabling fixing the unit

point.png It allows adjustment of height and angle

It has wide application in scientific, forensic, and research fields for the detection of fluorescent dye, which is used to detect and measure UV light intensity.

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Handheld UV Analyzer LMHUA-A100