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Benchtop Conductivity Meter  LMCMB-402

Benchtop Conductivity Meter LMCMB-402

Benchtop Conductivity Meter LMCMB-402 measures electrical charge, TDS as well as temperature can be measured by this conductivity meter that range between 0.00 μS/cm to 100 mS/cm of any solution. It has ability to quantify electrical conductivity of any aqueous solution and has the ability to measure the amount of totally dissolved solids (TDS) in a solution, in units of parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per liter. The conductivity can be measures within the range of 0.0 to 99.9 ℃.

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Conductivity Range 0.00 μS/cm to 100 mS/cm
Conductivity Resolution 0.01 μS/cm
Conductivity Accuracy ±0.01 FS
TDS Range 0.000 mg/L to 1999 mg/L
TDS Resolution 0.001 mg/L
TDS Accuracy ±1.0% FS
Temperature Range 0.0 to 99.9 ℃
Temperature Resolution 0.1 ℃
Temperature Accuracy ±0.3 ℃
Power Supply 100 V to 240 V (50/60Hz)
Dimension 290×210×95 mm
Weight 1.5 kg

point.png Vast TDS range 0.000 mg/L to 1999 mg/L provides the precise outcome of dissolved particles Conductivity meter between the range 0.00 μS/cm to 100 mS/cm

point.png LCD with backlight display is present for clear visibility of measurements

point.png Cell constant is adjustable can be set at any time to start the measurement

point.png Temperature compensation is adjusted manually and automatically for desired buffers

point.png High resolution of conductivity 0.01 μS/cm and TDS resolution 0.001 mg/L is present to provide the measuring accuracy

Conductivity Cell (k=1)

Electrode Holder
ATC probe

The conductivity meter can be used in hydroponic and aquaculture settings to measure the concentration water whether it is accurate or not. In addition, it is used in agriculture to measure the salinity levels of surface water and soil samples and also measure the quality of water in a wastewater treatment facility.

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Benchtop Conductivity Meter LMCMB-402