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Automated Media Dispensing System LMADS-A101


Automated Media Dispensing System LMADS-A101 is a sophisticated and versatile media dispenser designed to streamline and enhance the process of accurately dispensing liquid media. With a substantial capacity of up to 241 Petri dishes and a versatile filling range from 1 to 99 ml, the system ensures effortless handling. It boasts rapid calibration capabilities, allowing for precise adjustment of dispensing volume to meet specific requirements for tailored programs.

Specifications :
Height of System with Carrousel 99 cm
Height of Carrousel 56 cm
Max. loading Petri dishes 241 pcs
Filling Range 1 to 99 ml
Filling Range of Manual Dispense 1 to 999 ml
Flow Rate Setting 600 ml/min, 1000 ml/min
Petri Dish Type 90 mm (standard), 100 mm, 60 mm /accept custom-made
Dispense Speed 500 dishes/hour (volume: 20 ml)
Dispense Precision 0.01
Power Consumption 260 W
Power Supply 220 V/110V±10%,50/60 Hz
Dimension 600 × 610 × 380 mm
Carrousel Weight 9 kg
Basic Device Weight 44 kg
Features :
  • -  Comprises three key components: the main control system, rotor system, and carousel
  • -  Enhanced with a 5.7-inch touchscreen with an intelligent operating system for effortless operation
  • -  Offers a choice between two carousel types to meet specific needs
  • -  Offers an intelligent operating system, ensuring effortless handling
  • -  Utilizes UV ray protection in the dispensing area, reducing contamination risks
  • -  Includes special feed support for empty dishes, streamlining the process
  • -  The manual dispense function allows customization of dispense volume, dispense times, and time intervals
  • -  Features a curved spring plate in the carousel for easy dish unloading
  • -  Equipped with a fault alarm and self-check function for quick issue detection and resolution
  • -  Swiftly calibrates dispensing volume to match desired parameters and supports the storage of various dispensing programs
  • -  Supports the storage of multiple dispensing programs
Standard Accessories :

Main Control device with peristaltic pump-1 set

Carrousel for diameter 90 mm Petri dishes, capacity of 241/94-1 pc
Six holes of Rotor for diameter 90 mm Petri dishes-1 set
Two holes stacker-1 pc
Silicone tubing set for diameter 90 mm Petri dishes-2 sets
Filling nozzle for diameter 90 mm Petri dishes-1 pc
Safety cover-1pc
UV light-1pc
Tool-1 set

Applications :

Its ability to automate and control the dispensing of liquid media with precision and flexibility makes it an invaluable asset for a wide range of applications, from microbiology and cell culture to drug discovery and diagnostics.