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Stomacher Blender LMSBR-A100

Stomacher Blender LMSBR-A100

Stomacher Blender LMSBR-A100 is a user-friendly device designed for sample preparation in microbiological analysis. It offers capacity of 3 to 400 ml and has flapping speed of 3 to 12 times/second. Great flexibility is offered by a blender in adjusting the homogenization speed. Device provides a comprehensive solution considering factors like sterility, customization, ease of use, and efficient cleaning.

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Capacity 3 to 400 ml
Flapping Time 0.1 to 99 min 59 s or continuous operation
Flapping Speed 3 to 12 times/s
Flapping distance 0 to 50 mm (adjustable)
Program Setting and Storage 3 groups
Display LCD
Power supply 220 V 50 Hz
Power 300 W
Sterile homogenization bags dimension 300 × 170 mm
Packaging dimension (W × D × H) 550 × 320 × 420 mm
Gross Weight 23 kg

point.png Adjustable homogenization time of stomacher blender

point.png Provides flexibility in adjusting homogenization speed

point.png Customization of the slap distance for different sample types

point.png Sterile disposable bags prevent contamination

point.png Transparent Window Glass allows visual monitoring

point.png Gentle and efficient blending

point.png LCD for visualization and controlling homogenization process

100 sheets sterile homogenizer bags
304 stainless steel sterile homogenous bracket (can put into 5 samples per time) or 500 sheets sterile homogenizer bags

Stomacher Blender is versatile tool offering its benefits from food microbiological analysis to homogenization in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and agriculture.

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Stomacher Blender LMSBR-A100