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Self-Standing Centrifuge Tube LMSCT-A100

Self-Standing Centrifuge Tube LMSCT-A100

Self-Standing Centrifuge Tube LMSCT-A100 is designed with a conical bottom hold a capacity of 50 mL that enables liquid mixing, centrifugation, and sample storage. Our tube possess side-marked volume graduations that facilitate precise measurement of liquid quantities. Integrated with screw caps or other reliable closure systems to stop leaks when storing or centrifuging. Supplied with transparent feature, enabling easy visual inspection of the tube contents without the need to open the tube.

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Capacity 50 mL
Length of tube 11.7 cm
Diameter outside tube 30 mm
Diameter of Cap 34 mm

point.png Maximum RCF 12000 x g

point.png Material: Virgin Polypropylene (PP)

point.png Working Temperature is -80 °C to 121 °C

point.png Transparent wall permits relaxed observing of tube contents

point.png Graduation in white ink

point.png Frosted marking area

point.png Flat-top screw cap for free handling

Self-Standing Centrifuge Tubes is widely used laboratories and research institute for DNA and RNA extraction, protein purification, and separation of cellular components.

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Self-Standing Centrifuge Tube LMSCT-A100