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Rolling Mixer Shaker LMRMS-110

Rolling Mixer Shaker LMRMS-110

Rolling Mixer Shaker LMRMS-110 is a multi-functional instrument which has 2 types of shaking motions like rocking and rolling. It gives accurate and perfect results with quick and gentle 7 shaking rollers. It is equipped with DC brushless motor which is of low maintenance. It is digitalized with LCD display to view the speed and time parameters. It has easy to the operator to change the speed and time using knob.


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Number of rolls 7
Speed range 10 to 100 rpm
Timer 1 s to 24 h/continuous operation
Shaking motion Rocking and rolling
Amplitude 23 ± 1 mm
Display LCD display
Motor type Brushless motor
Dimension(W×D×H) 430x270x100 mm
Weight 2.7 kg
Input AC100 to 200 V/ 50 to 60 Hz

point.png It has a wide area with 7 rollers which can accommodate more number of test tubes

point.png Provide with combination of rolling and rocking tubes which enable quick and gentle shaking of the tubes

point.png Equipped with separate increasing and reducing knob for speed and time

point.png It offers switch off and on key and a main power button to on the instrument

point.png Consist of LCD display to view the parameters speed and time

point.png The low maintenance DC brushless motor makes the machine work noise free

point.png It has the capacity to work continuously or in timing mode

Mainly used for medical diagnostic results and also used in clinical laboratories. Used in medical research and microbiology. Used in mixing the blood sample, solid-liquid particles and sticky substances. Widely used in the cell and tissue culturing techniques. Used for DNA extraction and adding/removing the dye from gel. Frequently used in avoiding blood coagulation and immune precipitation methods.

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Rolling Mixer Shaker LMRMS-110