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Powder-Free Latex Gloves LMLG-B100

Powder-Free Latex Gloves LMLG-B100

Powder-Free Latex Gloves LMLG-B100 is a skin-friendly glove that offers a reliable solution for various applications, prioritizing safety and hygiene by reducing the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions. Improved textured surface to provide superior grip and touch sensitivity when handling liquids, tools, and wet glasses. It features moisture content below 0.8 %, ensuring convenient sample handling at reliable conditions.

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Glove Length 240 mm
Glove Width 76 ± 3 mm
Glove Size Extra Small
Finger Thickness 0.08 mm
Palm Thickness 0.08 mm

point.png Designed with natural latex material to ensure safety and sanitation

point.png Suspended with absorbable cornstarch USP Grade powder for better working conditions

point.png Enhanced beaded cuff facilitates effortless and convenient wearing

point.png Upgraded with glove texture placement on the palm and finger to allow easy sample handling

point.png Available colors are Milky White, Beige, Blue, and Black

point.png Worry-free cleaning with effortless operation

point.png Minimal maintenance with high reliability and usability

It is extensively used in research facilities, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and medical fields for clinical examination, and surgical procedures for sample handling.

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Powder-Free Latex Gloves LMLG-B100