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Polypropylene Dropper Bottle LMDB-A106

Polypropylene Dropper Bottle LMDB-A106

Polypropylene Dropper Bottle LMDB-A106 is specifically designed with 15 mL loading capacity for accurate and controlled dispensing of liquids for convenient handling of sample. Equipped with a screw cap ensures the integrity of the contents and offers a solid seal by preventing leaks. Supplied with a transparent mechanism for monitoring the quantity of liquid remaining and for identifying the contents.

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Volume 15 mL
Drop 50 μL
Height 70
Diameter 25
Bottle Color Transparent / White

point.png Designed with polypropylene and low density polyethylene material making the bottles easy to handle

point.png Enhanced with leak proof sealing design maintain the integrity of the stored substances and prevents spills or contamination

point.png Utilized with pyrogenic free reagent ensure convenient handling of sample

point.png Suspended with sterilization technique withstand autoclavable maintain sterile controlled environment

Polypropylene Dropper Bottle is widely used in laboratories and research institute for storing and transporting various liquids, reagents, and laboratory solutions.

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Polypropylene Dropper Bottle LMDB-A106