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Handheld Refractometer LMHRF-A100

Handheld Refractometer LMHRF-A100

Handheld Refractometer LMHRF-A100 is a portable refractometer designed with a refractive index scale range of 1.440 to 1.520 ND for accurate measurements. Equipped with automatic temperature compensation with 0 to 30℃ temperatures. Features a satin chrome finish, rubber-insulated grips, and a focused eyepiece for ease of use. Enables high-quality and accurate testing results and comes with a protective carrying case for convenient transportation.

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Material Body Metal, glass, and rubber
Temperature Compensation 0 to 30℃
Reference Temperature 20℃
Length 175 mm
Resolution 0.001 ND
Scale Range 1.440 to 1.520 ND refractive index
Dimension 30 × 40 × 210 mm
Weight 0.27 Kg

point.png Enables good focus capability with 175mm length for accurate measurements

point.png Lightweight, and portable, includes a protective carrying case for easy transportation

point.png Ideal for on-site measurements in processing, storage areas, or field applications

point.png Crafted with metal, glass, and rubber materials for the surface body

point.png Designed with a comfortable eyepiece with flexible adjustment

Handheld Refractometer has wide applications in research laboratories, analytical labs, and hospitals to determine the refractive index measurement of diverse chemicals and solvents.

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Handheld Refractometer LMHRF-A100