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Pipette Tips for Gilson LMTS-C100

Pipette Tips for Gilson LMTS-C100

Pipette Tips for Gilson LMTS-C100 are precision-engineered to interact easily with Gilson compatibility, ensuring a precise fit and optimal effectiveness to avoid liquid retention. Configured with superior liquid handling with a loading capacity of 10 µL, ensuring consistent and reliable results. Intended with noncytotoxic polypropylene plastic with high transparency ensuring longevity without sacrificing accuracy.

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Compatibility Gilson
Capacity 10 μL
Type Non-Filter
Color White

point.png Crafted from polypropylene material ensures optimal chemical resistance and durability

point.png Featuring a flawlessly smooth inner wall, minimizing the risk of both leakage and sample carryover

point.png Supplied with an autoclavable feature guarantees the removal of impurities but also prolongs the life of every tip

point.png Facilitated with Pre-sterilized convenience guarantees sterility during the entire experiment

point.png Maintaining the integrity of your nucleic acid samples by being devoid of DNase, RNase, and pyrogen

point.png Improved with a transparent tip provides perfect inspection of an inside sample

It is widely used in laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and research institutes to protect the pipette and the sample from the aerosol.

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Pipette Tips for Gilson LMTS-C100