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Phosphate Analyzer LMPAR-100

Phosphate Analyzer LMPAR-100

Phosphate Analyzer LMPAR-100 is a dual channel unit that offers versatile analysis for various phosphate concentrations with ±1% F.S accuracy. Utilizes a durable monochromatic cold light source for accurate measurements. Capable of accurately detecting and measuring very low levels of the target substance in a sample. Equipped with a colour touch LCD to visually present measurement data, for enhanced readability.

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No. of Channels 2
Measuring Ranges Available 0 to 2000ug/l, 0 to 10mg/l, 0 to 20mg/l, 0 to 50mg/l
Accuracy ±1% F.S
Repeatability ±1% F.S
Stability ≤±1% F.S / 24 h
Response Time Initial response 4 minutes, 6 minutes at least for 98%
Message Cycle About 4 minutes / channel
Sample Flow Rate >100 ml / min
Sample Temperature 10 to 45℃
Sample Pressure 10 kPa to 100 kPa
Ambient Temperature 5 to 45℃
Humidity <85% RH
Chemicals Dosage 3L / month
Current Output 4 to 20mA or 0 to 10mA can choose
Alarm Output Relay(220V/1A)
Communication RS-485, LAN, WiFi or 4G are optional
Power Consumption ≈50VA
Power Supply AC220V±10% 50
Install Size 665mm × 405mm
Dimensions (H × W × D) 720mm × 460mm × 300mm
Packaging Weight 30kg

point.png Graphic display for result interpretation

point.png Enhanced with automated chemical reactions

point.png Records historical curves for 30 days

point.png Intuitive touch screen for easy operation

point.png Remote monitoring and control

point.png Offers low maintenance

point.png Provides calibration for accuracy

point.png Historical data query function

Accessories Name Quantity
Reagent bottle (Installed in the watch box) 1 pc
Standard sample bottle (Installed in the watch box) 2 pcs
Water sample connection pipe (1m) 1 pc
Soft and hard tube connected converter (ф6soft -ф hard) 1 set
Water sample filter 1 set
Waste piping (Including joints) 1 pc
Front door key 1 pc
Back door key 1 pc
Threading joint 3 pcs
Clips 4 pcs
Spare parts (sealing ring 5pc + joint 2p) 1 set
Operation instructions 1 pc
Product Qualification Certificate 1 pc

Phosphate Analyzer is used to measure the concentration of phosphate ions in a solution. It is employed in various fields such as environmental monitoring, water treatment, agriculture, and industrial processes.

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Phosphate Analyzer LMPAR-100