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Vacuum Freeze Dryer LMVFD-A101

Vacuum Freeze Dryer LMVFD-A101

Vacuum Freeze Dryer LMVFD-A101 is an advanced technology tool with hand auto mode selection and digital data recording system with 1000 sets of programs. It offers a built-in memory of 4 gigabytes. This is a specialized dryer system with integrated user-level passwords for enhanced security. Additionally, the dryer features a 7-inch touch screen interface and an automated process control system with a lyophilization process for improved reliability. The effective dry area of the dryer is 0.55 m2.

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Drying Chamber
Shelf effective area 0.55 m2
Shelf size 430 mm × 320 mm
Shelf numbers 4 + 1
Shelf spacing 80 mm
Shelf material SUS304
Shelf temperature range -50℃ to +70℃ (carrying idler)
Lowest temperature of shelf -50℃
Highest temperature of the shelf +70℃
Shelf temperature uniformity ±1℃(After balance)
Heating power 0.8Kw/220V/50Hz
Shelf flatness ±0.5mm/m
Condenser Shape Circular
Condenser material SUS304
Coiling pipe material Copper
Condenser water capture 10 kg/ batch
Condenser Min. temp. ≤ -75 ℃
System final vacuum degree ≤ 5 Pa
Thermal insulation material Polyurethane foam + thermal insulation material
Liquid Circulation System
Liquid Silicone oil
Liquid tubing material SUS304 Stainless steel pipe
Circulation pump Granfu, Denmark
Circulation pump quantity 1 pc
Heating rate > 1 ℃ / min
Heating control style Electric heating tube is 0.8 kW / root
Temperature transmitter PT-100
Power supply 0.8 Kw / 220 V / 50 Hz
Dimension 1350 × 750 × 1650 mm + 300 mm
Weight 650 Kg

point.png 7-inch touch screen display with PLC industrial controller

point.png Program storage up to 1000 sets with programmable pre frozen and drying sections

point.png Material transparency with aviation acrylic material, bonding free design, high strength and leak free operation

point.png Simplified operation with pre freeze drying in situ

point.png Simulation operation window interface for visual representation, digital parameter display and real time monitoring

point.png Inclusion of air filling valve for better performance

point.png Silicon oil circulation medium with shelf temperature difference of 1℃

point.png Separate design of the lyophilized chamber and cold trap cavity

point.png Imported brand compressor, low noise operation and enhanced reliability

point.png Square trays designed with deformation resistance, easy cleaning and user-friendly features

point.png Lyophilization curve optimization control algorithm in the system

point.png Heat control system for plates to increase the efficiency

point.png Special heating materials, thermal cycle protection and fuzzy PID control algorithm

point.png Automated process control system with lyophilization process

point.png Can set user level passwords enabling decentralized operation and management

point.png Hand auto mode selection and digital data recording system

point.png Calibration function for temperature and vacuum

point.png 4 gigabytes of built-in memory of machine

Freeze dryers are widely used for drying processes in various industries like food, chemicals, reagents, pharmaceuticals, research etc.

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Vacuum Freeze Dryer LMVFD-A101