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PCR Film LMFL-A100

PCR Film LMFL-A100

PCR Film LMFL-A100 is an optical microplate sealing film specifically designed for PCR application and convenient for the transport and storage of samples. Enhanced with silicone pressure-sensitive gel that functions as a barrier to reduce sample evaporation and stop well-to-well contamination. Supplied with ultra-thin and consistent wall thickness that enables perfect heat transfer for optimal results.

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Dimension 142 × 77.5 mm
Material Silicon Pressure Sensitive Gel
Sealing Adhesive

point.png Thin, optical film of Silicon pressure sensitive gel

point.png Pressure-sensitive adhesive ensures tight sealing

point.png Reduced sample evaporation &the well-to-well contamination

point.png Do not interfere with the sample reading

point.png Easy to apply on a plate without sticking onto gloves

point.png DNase, RNase, and pyrogenic-free

It is widely used in laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, and research institutes for PCR applications such as DNA extraction, amplification, and sequencing.

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PCR Film LMFL-A100