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Hydraulic Press LMHYP-A101

Hydraulic Press LMHYP-A101

Hydraulic Press LMHYP-A101 is a manual, compact structure with all-in-one functions for oil link protection. The hydraulic pump in the pellet pressing machine has a pressure gauge range of 0 to 30 MPa and is designed to press up to 40 metric tonnes of pellets at once. The model has a pressure gauge with a pointer that may be switched out for a digital gauge.

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Pressure Gauge 0 to 40 T
System Pressure 0 to 30MPa
Piston Diameter Φ 130mm
Max Piston Distance 50 mm
Pressure Stability ≤ 1MPa/ 10 min
Working Stage Φ 140mm
Working Space 115 × 185 mm
Dimensions (L × D × H) 295 × 215 × 500 mm
Gross Weight 75 Kg

point.png Manual and compact structure for the ease of operation

point.png It provides maximum of 40-ton hydraulic press with a system pressure conversion of 30Mpa

point.png The all-in-one design provides protection from the oil link

point.png Pointer and digital pressure gauge

Hydraulic press is widely used use for Scientific research, teaching, testing, pharmaceutical, catalysis, chemical industry, etc.

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Hydraulic Press LMHYP-A101