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Vaccum Leak Tester LMLT-A401

Vaccum Leak Tester LMLT-A401

Vacuum Leak Tester LMLT-A401 is a benchtop leakage tester with an operation panel and a digital LCD display that allows for precise control of the vacuum level and vacuum retention duration. It is also used to assess the effectiveness of specimen seals after compression and falling tests. During the test, an air compressor with a vacuum degree of -90 to 0 kPa is used to compress air. The instrument, which is made of high-quality thickened plexiglass with a thickness of 15 mm, is both safe and simple to use.

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Vaccum Degree -90 to 0 kPa
Gas Inlet 6mm polyurethane pipe
Gas Supply Pressure 0.6 MPa (outside of Supply Scope)
Air Pressure range 0.7 MPa
Resolution 0.1 Kpa
Vaccum chamber effective size 270 × 270 mm
Dimensions (L × B × H) 600 × 320 × 520 mm
Power AC 110 V, 50 Hz
Weight 25 Kg

point.png Safe, reliable, and easy-to-use

point.png High-quality thickened plexiglass with 15 mm thickness

point.png Superior sealing performance with precise pneumatic components

point.png A digital pressure display that is both quick and accurate

point.png Built-in time display and holding time at a glance

point.png Pressure-maintaining switch

Vaccum Leak tester is used in the pharmaceutical, medical, daily chemical, electronic compounds, stationary, and other sectors for the purpose of testing for leaks in pouches, bottles, pipes, cans, and boxes of food. Following tests for falling and pressure resistance (compression), specimens are then subjected to leak testing (seal performance).

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Vaccum Leak Tester LMLT-A401