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Autorefractor Keratometer LMRK-401

Autorefractor Keratometer LMRK-401

Autorefractor Keratometer LMRK-401 is a compatible ophthalmic device with a high-quality hexagon prism and a highly sensitive CCD, and with an autofocus function. It is equipped with a measurement range for sphere is -20m-1 to +20m-1 (VD = 12mm) 0.12/0.25m-1 step, and for cylinder is 8m-1 to +8m-1 (VD = 12mm) 0.12/0.25m-1 step. The angle of the axis is ranging from 0 to 180˚ 1˚ step with the Keratometer radius and the curvature measures of 5.0 to 10 mm. It is provided with a 7-inch LCD display for monitoring.

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Range of sphere measurement -20m-1 to +20m-1 (VD = 12mm) 0.12/0.25m-1 step
Range Of Cylinder Measurement 8m-1 to +8m-1 (VD = 12mm) 0.12/0.25m-1 step
Axis 0 to 180° (1°step)
Pupil Distance 45 to 88 mm,1mm step
Cylindrical Form -, +, ±
Min Pupil Size ø2.0 mm
Radius Of Curvature 5.0 to 10mm(increment:0.01mm)
Comal Power 33.75 to 67.50D(when comer equivalent refractive index is 1.337) (increment selectable from 0.12,0.25D)
Comal Astigmatism 0.0 to 0.8D(increment selectable from 0.12,0.25D)
Axis 1 to 180° (increment 1°)
Comal Diameter 2.0 to 14.0mm (increment 0.1mm)
Memory Of Data 10 measure value for each right and left eye
General Features
Chart Follow-up colorful fogging chart system
Display 7″ TFT LCD
Print Thermal print
Power Supply 90V to 264V to 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension 492mm×280mm×476mm
Weight 15.5KG

point.png It has a high-quality hexagon prism and a CCD that is extremely sensitive

point.png It has an autofocus feature that calculates eye values automatically

point.png It comes with a 7-inch LCD monitor for monitoring

point.png For ease of use, it comes with a motorized chin rest and a tilting screen

point.png It has memory data for both eyes with 10-measure values

Measures how light is affected as it reflects through the eyeball to determine an individual's prescription. For the patient, the procedure is quick and painless, and the data provides a baseline for determining the proper eyeglass or contact lens prescription.

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Autorefractor Keratometer LMRK-401