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Water Bath LMSW-A100

Water Bath LMSW-A100

Water Bath LMSW-A100 has a microprocessor controller with a stamping molding stainless steel tank for easy operation. Designed with LCD screen for displaying data for simplified visualization of the parameters. Equipped with special feature of closing the heater automatically during lack of water and visible and audible alarm system for signaling users for effective operation.

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Temperature range RT + 5 to 100 ℃
Temperature stability ± 0. 3 ℃
Temperature alarm ± 2 ℃
Timing range 1 to 5999 mins
Chamber volume 2 holes Φ 112 mm
Interior dimensions (W × D × H) 130 × 280 × 150 mm
Exterior dimensions (W × D × H) 396 × 250 × 260 mm
Power supply AC 220 50 Hz
Power 500 W

point.png Temperature range of RT + 5 to 100 ℃ and temperature stability of ± 0. 3 ℃

point.png Temperature alarm bangs at ± 2 ℃

point.png Chamber volume of 2 holes Φ 112 mm

point.png Stamping molding stainless steel tank provides protection against corrosion

point.png LCD display for displaying various parameters

point.png Timing function for flexible operation of the water bath

point.png Stainless steel shelves cover heater and sensor for preventing damage of the machine

point.png Automatic heater energy cut off feature for better efficiency

point.png Independent temperature limiting alarm system for better functioning of the bath

point.png Temperature error alarm for indicating the error in the temperature maintenance

Water Bath is widely used for heating and maintaining regulation of heat across industries like pharmaceuticals, microbiology, food, molecular biology, etc.

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Water Bath LMSW-A100