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Handheld refractometer LMHR-403

Handheld refractometer LMHR-403

Handheld refractometer LMHR-403 is a portable device, specially curated to provide accurate and consistent readings. It is used to measure the salinity of the solutions with a measuring range of 0 to 100% and 1 to 1.07. Enhanced efficiency is ensured by automatic temperature compensation function.

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Salinity range 0 to 100%, 1 to 1.07
Salinity minimum scale 1%, 0.005
Dimension 200 × 90 × 90 mm
Weight 500 g

point.png Covers wide range of salinity range

point.png Automatic temperature compensation for stable results

point.png Offers accuracy and precision

point.png Great readability of Handheld refractometer

point.png Portability ensures easy handling

Handheld refractometer is used for measuring salinity of samples across marine and aquatic science, environmental monitoring, agriculture, chemicals, and industrial processes.

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Handheld refractometer LMHR-403