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Gradient PCR LMGP-501

Gradient PCR LMGP-501

Gradient PCR LMGP-501 is small in size with compact structure. It is a gene amplification instrument with gradient function derived from ordinary PCR instrument. Equipped with 5 inch high definition color touch screen, intuitive and easy to operate. High accurate temperature with good uniformity, quick heating up and cooling down. Data is quickly transferred to USB flash memory and programs are easily backed up to improve data storage capabilities. Features advanced semiconductor refrigeration technology.

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Temperature control mode Block or tube
Module Temperature Range 4 to 99.9°C
Timing Range 1s to 99 min 59sec/infinite length
Module temperature accuracy ±0.2°C
Module Temperature Uniformity ±0.25°C
Heating Rate 3°C
Cooling Rate 2.5°C
Maximum Heating Speed 4.5°C/S
Maximum Cooling Speed 4.0°C
Input Power AC 100 to 240V, 50/60 Hz
Gradient Temperature Uniformity ±0.3°C
Temperature Module Displays the Accuracy 0.1°C
Thermal Cap Temperature Range Room Temperature 30°C to 105°C
Smart Hot Cap Function Sample Temperature is below 30°C or at the end of the program, the hot cap closes automatically
Time increments/Decrements "-599 to 599 seconds can do Long PCR experiments
Temperature Increases/ Decreases "-9.9 to 9.9°C can do Touch down PCR experiments
Number of programs stored >100 pcs
Maximum Number of cycles 99
Maximum Steps 30
Program Pause Function Yes
16°C insulation Function Infinitely Long
Real Time Running Status Display Graphic Display Mode
Communication Interface USB 2.0
Dimensions (W×D×H) 200×300×170 mm
Net Weight 4.5 Kg
Sample Size 96×0.2 ml (Skirt, Skirtless) 12×8 intertube, 8×12 coupling, single tube( height 20 to 23 mm)

point.png Excellent Amplification due to high quality semiconductor

point.png Industrial grade operation system and can work 7×24 hours

point.png 30°C gradient range, ideal for protocol optimization

point.png PID temperature control technology

point.png High Temperature control accuracy and module temperature uniformity

point.png Extremely quiet

Widely applied in the field of molecular biology, medicine, food industry, genetic testing and other fields

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Gradient PCR LMGP-501