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Glass Tube LMGLT-A100

Glass Tube LMGLT-A100

Glass Tube LMGLT-A100 is a cylindrical, hollow structured tube crafted from fine borosilicate glass, typically transparent and capable of withstanding various thermal shocks and chemical attacks. With 5mm capacity optically clear, allowing easy observation of the contents inside.

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Capacity 5 mm
Tube Colour Transparent
Tube Type Can be reusable
Graduation 0.1 ml
O.D. of Tube 11 mm
Tube Bottom Round Bottom
Tube Mouth Can be with a rim or rimless
Length 110 mm

point.png Endure high and low temperatures without compromising their structural integrity

point.png Resistant to chemical reactions, making them suitable for storing and handling

point.png Withstand high-temperature sterilization methods like autoclaving

point.png Excellent electrical insulation properties

point.png Highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) radiation

point.png Resistant to corrosion from most chemicals, acids, and bases

point.png Recyclable and reusable making them an environmentally friendly option

Glass tubes find extensive use in laboratory settings for a multitude of scientific experiments, serving as versatile containers for storing chemicals, conducting reactions, and holding samples.

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Glass Tube LMGLT-A100