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Circulating Chiller LMCC-503

Circulating Chiller LMCC-503

Circulating Chiller LMCC-503 is chilling equipment with ASET multifunctional controller offering a Lowest Temperature of -30 ℃ having a capacity of 10 L. Provided with 7-inch touch screen which displays operating temperature and the indicators for freezer overload and high pressure, safety features for overload relay and thermal protection. RS 485 Interface as communication protocol.

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Capacity 10 L
Lowest Temperature Minus 30 ℃
Medium Temperature Range Minus 50 ℃ to 30 ℃
Temperature Control multifunctional controller
Display Digital
Alarm System yes
Evaporator Copper tube
Refrigerant R-404A
Material High quality stainless-steel bath vessel
Voltage 220 V/60 HZ

point.png Integrated with multifunctional controller for controlling the temperature

point.png Heat-conducting medium outlet temperature controller as optional

point.png Featured with RS 485 Interface as communication protocol

point.png Provided with 7-inch color touch screen with temperature curve record and excel-format export

point.png Heat-conducting medium temperature feedback PT100

point.png Adopts self-diagnosis system during freezer overload and high pressure

point.png Security system is provided for overload relay and thermal protection

point.png Circulation Pump of 35 L/min 2.5 bar, 50 L/min 2.5 bar and 110 L/min 2.5 bar and Pressure maximum of 6 bar circulating pump are provided optionally if required

They are ideal equipment’s used in the laboratory and industry for cooling equipment’s like rotary evaporators, glass reactors and wiped film evaporators etc.,

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Circulating Chiller LMCC-503