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Chemiluminescence Imaging System LMCIS-A101


Chemiluminescence Imaging System LMCIS-A101 features an exceptionally high quantum efficiency CCD Camera with a sensor of size 12.49 × 9.99 mm, providing enhanced sensitivity and an extended dynamic range for imaging chemiluminescence gels. Offers high-resolution imaging capabilities with its F0.95 motorized lens, allowing for detailed visualization of chemiluminescent signals. Incorporates automated exposure control for precise and consistent imaging across different samples.

Specifications :
CCD Sensor Size 12.49 × 9.99 mm
Resolution 6.05 Megapixels, 2750 × 2200
Pixel Density 16bit (65536 Grey Scales)
Pixel Size 4.54 × 4.54 µm
Lens F0.95 motorized lens
Light Source LED Epi-white light × 2
UV-Transilluminator (302 nm)
White-LED Transilluminator
Display NA
Quantum Efficiency ≥ 75 %
Readout Noise < 5.5e- RMS
Dark Current 0.0003 e/p/s
Dynamic Range 4 orders of magnitude
Standard Filter 590 nm filter
Filter Wheel 8 Sockets Filter Wheel
Max Image Area 260 × 210 mm
Cooling Temperature -30˚C
Software Image acquisition and analysis software
Internal Dimension 380 × 350 × 490 mm
External Dimension 560 × 480 × 780 mm
Weight 39 kg
Features :
  • -  CCD camera exhibits a remarkable ≥ 75% high quantum efficiency
  • -  Provides user-friendly image navigation and browsing for convenient operation
  • -  Allows optional attachment of different fluorescent light sources and filters
  • -  Utilizes automatic pixel binning technology for enhanced imaging efficiency
  • -  Enables marker image capture and composition with objective bands
  • -  Occupies a small footprint, minimizing bench space requirements
  • -  Maximum sensitivity configuration
  • -  Optional System Configuration of RNA, DNA, Protein, Chemiluminescence, Fluorescence System
Applications :

It is employed in genetic engineering, biotechnology, and molecular biology to capture high-quality images of DNA/RNA bands. It is also utilized for protein detection, ELISA plate reading, and comprehensive Chemiluminescence analysis.

Software Features :

High-Precision Automatic Exposure
One-Touch Image Acquisition
Marker Image Capture and Composition
Automatic Capture Parameters Access
Convenient Image Navigation
Image Rotation, Cropping, and Counter Color Processing
Advanced Pixel Binning Technology
Optional Excel File Save for Analysis Results
Optical Density Calculation
Background Mode Optimization