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Automatic Colorimeter LMACO-A100


Automatic Colorimeter LMACO-A100 features a chromaticity accuracy of 0.0001 and maintains stability at or below 0.1. Provided with a High-resolution color LCD for parameter monitoring and has a user-friendly interface. It is easy to handle with a focus on safety and sanitation. High-speed operational amplifier and precise ADC for optimal performance.

Specifications :
Accuracy chromaticity coordinates 0.0001
Stability ≤ 0.1 within 30 min
Repeatability Rx Ry and Rz s ≤ 0.01 chromaticity coordinate s ≤ 0.0010, R457 s ≤ 0.10
Sample Diameter ≥ 30 mm
Sample Thickness ≤ 40 mm
Power Supply 220 V ± 10 % 50Hz
Dimension 390 × 280 × 410 mm
Weight 23 Kg
Features :
  • -  Durable and chemical-resistant stainless steel for long-term usability
  • -  Incorporates a power-saving MCU microprocessor for stable measurements
  • -  Equipped with a serial port thermal printer for fast and quiet printing
  • -  Cost-effective maintenance through tool-free cleaning
  • -  Integrate ISO brightness and Z whiteness (Rz) for safe fluorescence evaluation
  • -  Automated light path switching for easy detection
Applications :

Automatic Colorimeter is designed to measure and analyze the color of a sample in food industry, laboratories, material science, environmental monitoring, pharmaceuticals, quality control research, and development areas.