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Auto Refractometer LMAR-402


Auto Refractometer LMAR-402 is an ophthalmic instrument that measures refractive error more quickly and accurately. Minimum measurement range is different for each shape like for Sphere-20 to+20D (VD=12) 0.12D/0.25D step, Cylinder: -8 to+8D 0.12D/0.25D step. The angle of the Axis can range from 0 to 180 ° step: 1 ° and with Ø2.0mm of the pupil’s size. It has a different color LCD screen as well as an operational menu.

Specifications :
Measuring Range Sphere:-20 to +20D(VD=12) 0.12D/0.25D step, Cylinder:-8 to +8D 0.12D 0.12D/0.25D step,Axis:0 to180 ° step: 1 °
Pupil Distance 45 to 88mm, step: 1 mm
Vertex Distance 0mm, 12mm, 13.75 mm
Minimum Pupil Size Ø2.0 mm
Chart Auto fog
Display 5.7 ''Color LCD
Print Thermal Printer
Electric Voltage Hz
Dimensions(L×W×H) 484×282×440 mm
Weight 20 KG
Features :
  • -  It is having a Minimum Pupil Size of Ø2.0 mm
  • -  The Chart is presented as Auto fog type
  • -  A new display and operation menu has been added
  • -  It has the vertex distance of 0mm, 12mm, 13.75 mm
  • -  Measurement that is both quicker and more precise
  • -  A broader pupil size measurement ranges of Ø2.0 mm
Applications :

A device measures how light is affected as it reflects through the eyeball to determine a person's prescription. For the patient, the procedure is quick and painless, and the data provide a baseline for determining the correct eyeglass or contact lens prescription.