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Biological Safety Cabinet Class Ⅱ Type A2 LMBC-A201

Biological Safety Cabinet Class Ⅱ Type A2 LMBC-A201

Biological Safety Cabinet Class Ⅱ Type A2 LMBC-A201 is designed with an enclosed workspace with a ventilated hood to protect users from exposure to pathogenic microorganisms. Configured with HEPA filter which has an efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3µm. Integrated with a graphical user interface for ease of operation with perfect observation. Improved with multiple alarms offers a biological safety cabinet that guarantees secure working conditions.

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Cabinet Size 28 Inches
Inflow Volume 230 m³/h
Exhaust Volume 230 m³/h
UV Lamp 15 W
Inflow Velocity 0.53 ± 0.025 m/s
Downflow Velocity 0.33 ± 0.025 m/s
Air Supply Filter HEPA Filter (99.999 % efficiency at 0.3 µm)
Exhaust Filter HEPA Filter (99.999 % efficiency at 0.3 µm)
Max. Door Opening Height 370 mm (15")
Safety Door Opening Height 200 mm (8")
Illuminating Lamp LED Lamp (8 W )
Illumination ≥ 650 W
Display LCD Display
Noise ≤65 dB
Vibration ≤ 5 µm
Power Consumption 1000 W
Power Supply AC 220 / 110 V ± 10 % ; 50 / 60 Hz
Internal Dimension 600 × 500 × 540 mm
External Dimension 700 × 650 × 1230 mm
Weight 164 kg

point.png Intuitive LCD display placed at eye level for easy monitoring

point.png Microprocessor controller assures temperature and humidity control

point.png Adjustable centrifugal fan ensures uniform H14 HEPA-filtered air

point.png The time reserve function saves 30 minutes of waiting time when on and off

point.png Efficient sterilization is performed at 253.7 nm UV emission with a timer

point.png Motorized, two-layer laminated hardened, anti-UV glass door 10° slanted door angle reduces glare and maximizes reach into the work zone

point.png Audio/visual alarm system for abnormal pressure, door over height and filter replacement

point.png Memory function ensures constant operation when power-failure

point.png Remote control function makes operation easier and convenient

point.png Non-corrosive 304 stainless steel work bench

point.png Cold-rolled steel body construction with anti-bacteria powder coating

Model No Name Quantity Image
LFHC-22 LED Lamp 2 (8 W) LFHC-22
LFHC-25 Remote Control 1 LFHC-25
LFHC-29 UV Lamp 2 (15 W) LFHC-29
LFHC-34 Waterproof Socket 2 (Total Load: 500 W) LFHC-34

Model No Name Quantity Image
LFHC-06 Base Stand 1 LFHC-06
LFHC-28 Universal Caster with brake and levelling foot 4 LFHC-28

It is extensively used in research institutes and laboratories for culturing and manipulating microorganisms, analyzing biological samples, and disinfecting and decontaminating equipment and surfaces.

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Biological Safety Cabinet Class Ⅱ Type A2 LMBC-A201