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Anaerobic Jar LMAJ-B100

Anaerobic Jar LMAJ-B100

Anaerobic Jar LMAJ-B100 is a 7L capacity, pump-operated anaerobic chamber that creates and maintains an oxygen-free atmosphere for the cultivation and study of anaerobic microorganisms. It comes with a 3/25 R petri dish holder. Crafted from PMMA transparent material, it boasts an exceptionally smooth surface, ensuring excellent airtightness and preventing any potential leaks. The jar's construction ensures a clear view of its contents, facilitating easy monitoring.

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Type Pumping type
Capacity 7 L
O- Ring Yes
Contents 3 stacks of 08 dishes (ɸ 9 to 10cm diameter)
Petri Dish Holder 3/25 R
Time Taken 3 to 5 mins (to attain anaerobic condition)
Material PMMA material
Clamp Colored stainless steel clamp
Quick Snap-Shut Coupling Yes
Packaging Dimension (L×W×H) 370 × 370 × 370 mm
Gross Weight 6.3 kg

point.png It employs conventional O-rings and screw clamps for a secure seal

point.png Furnished with a snap-shut gas supply coupling, simplifying the connection process

point.png Effortlessly maintains hygiene with its user-friendly cleaning

point.png Boasts a lightweight, easily portable design

point.png Includes optional racks, offering comfortable operation of anaerobic systems

point.png Features a robust stainless-steel clamp, treated with durable electrostatic painting

point.png Offers an additional side tube for both gas introduction and evacuation

point.png Demonstrates exceptional resilience to shock and impact

point.png Designed for long-lasting convenience in experimental management

Applied in the cultivation of bacterial cultures under anaerobic conditions for research and testing in microbiology, biotechnology, pathology, virology, and various other scientific domains.

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Anaerobic Jar LMAJ-B100