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Automatic Microtome LMAMT-C100

Automatic Microtome LMAMT-C100

Automatic Microtome LMAMT-C100 is tailored for seamless and accurate sectioning of tissues and biological samples into thin and uniform slices. This microtome is equipped to slice tissue specimens with a thickness ranging from 0 to 100μm and trim excess material within a range of 0 to 600μm. Its cutting-edge automatic functions enable swift and precise sectioning, enhancing efficiency in a variety of experiments.

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Sectioning Range 0 to 100μm
Trimming Range 0 to 600μm
Adjustable Index Value 0.25μm
Precision ±5%
Hand wheel Velocity 100 to 1000μm, adjustable
Max Specimen Size 50 × 70 mm
Specimen Stroke Horizontal: 30mm
Vertical: 72mm
Tool Holder Stroke Base movement: 60mm
Left and right movement:20mm
Sample Adjustment Direction Horizontal 8°
Vertical 8°
Rotation 360°
Power Supply AC110 to 220V, 50/60Hz
Power 100W
External Size (L×W×H) 605 × 465 × 340mm
Packing Size (L×W×H) 665 × 525 × 400mm
Net Weight 35kg
Gross Weight 45kg

point.png It incorporates a multi-angle adjustment device and an embedding chuck to enhance flexibility

point.png Provides a wide array of functions, including sectioning, trimming, and sectioning counting

point.png A clear retraction display is included, indicating the retraction range, small hand wheel feed travel, and hand wheel feed direction

point.png It is equipped with a magnetic, detachable waste chute for easy cleaning

point.png Features a large hand wheel with a dual locking mechanism, enabling single or double-locking

point.png It includes a two-piece storage board for convenient placement of a blade embedding box and related disposable items

It is widely used in research, clinical diagnostics, and pathology laboratories to create high-quality microscope slides for detailed examination.

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Automatic Microtome LMAMT-C100