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Automatic Freezing Point Tester LMFZP-A100

Automatic Freezing Point Tester LMFZP-A100

Automatic Freezing Point Tester LMFZP-A100 offers freezing point measuring range of -54°C to 2°C with a temperature controlling accuracy of ±0.1℃. This floor standing unit incorporates an imported refrigerator compressor system for reliable cooling performance. Utilizes advanced temperature control technology for efficient temperature regulation. It can be configured to test various freezing point indexes, such as jet fuel, engine coolant, and their concentrated solutions.

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Freezing Point Range -54℃ to 2℃
Cold Bath Measurement Temperature -70℃ to 30℃
Temperature Controlling Accuracy ±0.1℃
Sample Stirring 60 to 80 r/min
Ambient Temperature 15 to 35 ℃
Relative Humidity ≤80%
Heating Rate 350 W
Maximum Power Consumption 2000 W
Power Supply AC(220 ±10) V, 50 Hz
Dimension 770mm × 480mm × 730mm
Net Weight 45kg

point.png Automatic freezing point determination

point.png Equipped with double glass observing window

point.png Stainless steel work table-board and cold bath

point.png Adjustable mechanical stirring

point.png Durable full-spray plastic construction

point.png Offers rapid cooling

point.png Meets SH/T 0090 and ASTM D1177 standards

Main unit: 1 set

Double wall cooling tube: 2 Pcs
Single wall test tube: 1Pc
Test tube stopper: 2 Pcs
Temperature sensor: 2 Pcs
Stirrer: 2 Pcs
Constant temperature bath cover (2 large and 1 small): 3 Pcs
Test tube holder: 1 Pc
O-shaped ring(Φ28 × 2.4): 2 Pcs
Disk (software backup): 1 Pc

Automatic Freezing Point Tester is used to automatically determines the freezing point temperature of different substances. It is widely used in automotive, aviation, and chemical manufacturing industries.

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Automatic Freezing Point Tester LMFZP-A100